Day Date Location
Sunday                        14-May-17 DARKAN
Saturday                    10-Jun-17 BRUNSWICK
Saturday                       01-Jul-17 CAPEL
Wednesday                   05-Jul-17 THREE SPRINGS
Thursday                        06-Jul-17 DONGARRA
Friday                            07-Jul-17 GREENOUGH.
Saturday                      08-Jul-17 NORTHAMPTON
Monday                       24-Jul-17 CARNARVON
Tuesday                        25-Jul-17 CARNARVON
Wednesday                   26-Jul-17 CARNARVON
Friday                         28-Jul-17 EXMOUTH
Friday                        04-Aug-17 KARRATHA
Saturday                       05-Aug-17 KARRATHA
Sunday                       06-Aug-17 KARRATHA
Tuesday                    08-Aug-17 NEWMAN
Wednesday                09-Aug-17 NEWMAN
Friday                       11-Aug-17 MEEKATHARRA
Saturday                  12-Aug-17 MEEKATHARRA
Monday                      14-Aug-17 DALWALLINU
Saturday                   16-Sep-17 BALINGUP
Saturday                30-Sep-17 SERPENTINE
Saturday                 30-Sep-17 TOODYAY
Saturday                04-Nov-17 BOYUP BROOK
Sunday                  05-Nov-17 COWARAMUP
Saturday               18-Nov-17 FORRESTFIELD
Saturday               02-Dec-17 DUNSBOROUGH


Skin Damage

Skin damage can not be reversed: only further damage can be prevented.


Melanoma lesions

They can be any colour, Red, White, Blue, Grey or a combination of colours and most start flat.



There is no age limit

The life time risk factors for 20-40 year old in Australia is 1 in 18.


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