Screening UnitNext Years Screening Programme

Once again we have been inundated with requests from Lions clubs from all over WA. The Institute is becoming so well known for its work we are being asked to screen some of WA’s largest companies, for example one had over 3000 employees, but unfortunately we were unable to cope with this type of request at this point in time. As Chairman Colin has probably stated in his report we already carry out a lot of work for the Westrac organisation both in the outer city area and country towns when we are nearby.

The screening team will be putting together next year’s screening programme in late September to early October. Although it has numerous requests already if your club hasn’t had a visit for some time, then consider it, most requests come from country clubs, and what would be handy in its deliberations would be the time of year that is available for the farmers and the ability to fly a plane into the town or close by without any bad or possibly bad weather.

Skin Damage

Skin damage can not be reversed: only further damage can be prevented.


Melanoma lesions

They can be any colour, Red, White, Blue, Grey or a combination of colours and most start flat.



There is no age limit

The life time risk factors for 20-40 year old in Australia is 1 in 18.


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