Colin Beauchamp, Chairman’s Report                                                       4
Skin Cancer Screening (WA) Administrator’s Report                                 6
Dr. Clare Harvey (NZ & SA) Research’s Report                                         8
Paul Katris, Chair Scientific & Medical Advisory Chair                               9
Chris Lowings, Nurse Practitioner Skin Cancer Screening (SA) Report   10
Philip Hardy, current PhD Student Report                                                11
Lion Mary Gregg, 201W2 District Chair Report                                        12
Lion Mary Austin, 201 W1 District Chair Report                                       13
5 Reasons Why                                                                                        14
Directors Report                                                                                       15
Neil F. Saunders, Treasurer Report                                                          16
Income Statement                                                                                     17
Balance Sheet                                                                                          18
Notes to Financial Statement                                                                    19
Independent Auditors Accountants - Perth Report                                    22
Club Donations 2013-2014                                                                       23
Dr. Terry Boyle (Research update)                                                           24
Life Fellows of the Institute                                                                       25
ANZI Public Relations Report                                                                   26

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