Board of Directors  3
Chairman’s Report  4
Skin Cancer Screening Report  6
Dr. Clare Harvey, Flinders University (Nurse Led Skin Screening project)  7
Paul Katris, Chair Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee  8
Chris Lowings, (Nurse Practitioner Research Project)  9
Phillip Hardy, (PhD Student Report)  10
Lion Mary Gregg, 201W2 District Chairman’s Report  11
Lion Mary Austin, 201W1 District Chairman’s Report  12
Lion Marilyn Millar, 201C2 District Chairman’s Report  13
Message from Our Patron Dr W. H. (Harry) Butler  14
Skin Cancer, (The Myths)  15
Tricia Slee (joint venture project ‘RFDS On the Road Program report)  16
Directors Report  17
Annual Financial Reports  18
Income and Expenditure Statement  19
Transactions Statement  20
Statement of Financial Position  23
Notes to Financial Statements  24
Statement by the Board of Directors  27
Independent Auditax Accountants - Perth Report  28
Life Fellows of the Institute  30
Skin Cancer RIsks  32


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