Is That Tan Really Worth It
    A persons risk of skin cancer can increase with these following factors:
 •    5 or more moles are present on your arms, not including freckles.
 •    If skin cancer or a non malignant mole has been previously removed
 •    If they have an inflamed sore that doesn’t heal or a mole or freckle that is changing colour
 •    If they have a family history of melanoma
 •    If as a child they has blistering sunburn, bad enough to keep them out of school
•    Skin damage caused from UVR (Ultra violet radiation) exposure. Accumulated skin damage canbecome skin cancer
•    If they are an indoor worker who enjoys bursts of sun at the weekends or when on holidays

Skin cancer can be prevented:
•    Avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10 am and 3pm
•    Use shade where possible
•    Wear a broad brimmed hat
•    Wear suitable clothing that covers most of the skin
•    Use water resistant SPF 30 sunscreen to cover all areas not covered by clothes. Apply regularly.
•    Use Australian Standard sun glasses to protect eyes
•    Have between your toes, and the soles of your feet, checked. Mutant damages cells can travel and damaged upper body skin may show as skin cancer anywhere

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