Elected Members  
PDG Colin C. Beauchamp AM JP  Chairman
PDG Pam Baird Vice Chairman
PDG Garry Irvine,  Director New Zealand Liaison 
PDG Darrel Mainard,  Director Screening Co-ordinator
Lion David Baird,  Director Ass. Treasurer
Lion June Walker Director
Lion Michael Wainwright Director
PDG Robert Thomson Director
Appointed Members  
Lion Robert Bates Director
Lion Mary-Anne Wolf Director
PDG Neil F. Saunders, Treasurer
Lion Dot Saunders, Secretary
  Advisory Committee
Ex Officio Members  
DG Mike Wolf District Governor 201W1
DG Terry Cunningham District Governor 201W2
1stVDG sue Lowe 1st VDG District 201W1
1stVDG Grant Hewett 1st VDG District 201W2
Lion Mary Austin District Chairman 201W1
Lion Roger Doyle District Chairman 201W2
Co-Opted Non-Voting Members  
Lion Marilyn Miller South Australia
Lion Chris Lowings South Australia
Lion Mary Gregg West Australia


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